What vehicles are eligible for an Auto-Secured Personal Loan?

To use your vehicle for an Auto-Secured Personal Loan with Upstart, your car must be no more than 12 years old and have fewer than 140,000 miles of usage. It may not be registered as commercial or be used for commercial purposes. It must also be registered in an eligible state. 


The vehicle title used to secure your personal loan must not have any liens, must list the applicant as an owner of the vehicle, and the applicant must still be in possession of the vehicle. We cannot use your vehicle as collateral if the vehicle is reported stolen or is branded with a salvaged title.


If you have a co-owner, the co-owner must consent to your application. 


The vehicle used as collateral for your secured personal loan must be insured with the applicant listed on the insurance policy either as the primary insured or as a covered driver of the vehicle. The policy must include both comprehensive and collision coverage with individual deductibles not exceeding $1,500.

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